Do you need Safety Switches?

You may or may not have heard about safety switches but do you need them?

The simple and legal answer is yes.

In NSW every householder and business has a legal requirement to keep the users of their power safe from any possible electrical issues. By having a safety switch you are protecting all people who will be using electricity at your premises.

As part of your legal requirement you must ensure that your property owned or rented is fitted with safety switches. If you have no idea about what you have in place, contact Rob at Lightning Bult today.

We can give your property a thorough review to ensure that all your electrical work is as safe and up to date as it can be. If you have recently moved in or perhaps you have lived in your property for 20 years – today is the day to think about your electricity and ensure that your property is safe for you and for your visitors.

Remember that even if you do have Safety Switches;  Do you know when were they last tested to see that they are in good working order.


Make sure that all your appliances are in good working order.

Ensure that you always use a licensed electrician for all electrical work.

Check their license or contact The Department of Fair Trading 13 32 20 to check prior to doing any work.

If you have work done, ensure that you receive a certificate of compliance showing the work has been tested.

Get your electrician to show you how to test your safety switch on a regular basis.

Just because you are renting doesn’t mean your electrical should not be safe, landlords have a legal requirement to ensure it is safe for their tenants.

Lightning Bult are your Local North Shore and Northern Beaches Electricians – Contact Rob Bult today for a fixed price quote and a lifetime workmanship guarantee.