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Your Roof and Gutter system is your homes number one barrier to the elements

About your roof


At some stage, most roofs encounter a problem in some way. Often, the hardest part with roof related issues is locating the source of the problem.

We have been repairing roofs and gutters from many years and there are very few scenarios that we have not encountered. Everything from failed waterproofing, leaking flashings, cracked tiles, wind and weather damage, corrosion and salt damage, you name it and we’ve probably seen it.

Over time roofs tend to deteriorate and as a result, they develop integrity issues that can cause things like water leaks and pest infestation. Our team is highly experienced in roof repair and replacements, working with all types of materials, such as metal, tiled, slate, among others.

If you’re looking at replacing your roof, we have the utmost confidence in recommending the right solution for you. Perhaps that means replacing what you have with another product, or perhaps that means replacing it with an alternative solution, like colorbond.
Either way, you’re in safe hands.

About your gutter


Guttering is designed to strategically capture and remove roof water, to prevent it from reaching and potentially entering the building. Over time guttering can corrode, resulting in various sections being compromised, leaving buildings exposed to water damage.

Likewise, gutters can also get blocked from things like tree leaves and branches. This often results in gutters overflowing, which can allow water to enter a building through various weak points.

Guttering plays a major role in the prevention of water leaks and water dissipation, therefore it’s paramount in maintaining the integrity of any home.
We’ll make sure that your guttering is installed correctly and running optimally. We even have a recurring maintenance initiative that allows us to attend to your property periodically to remove leaves and debris from your gutters to ensure that it’s running well.

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