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I’ve been very lucky to find a career that suits me well and after 25 years I still really enjoy it.

As a kid I was always interested in how things work, often pulling household items apart and reassembling them for no reason

I didn’t plan it this way though

When I left school I was riding my dads motorbike for transport. Not doing much or knowing what to do for work, my dad said to me “If you don’t get a job before the end of February I’m going to take the bike away”.

Now, I loved that bike, so I put the feelers out and was offered a job installing security alarms. I started on the 28th of February (phew) and I got to keep the bike.

I didn’t care what kind of job it was but It turned out to be perfect for me, taking my childhood hobbies to the next level. During the next 4 years, I moved around installing security and access control, Audio, TV, Telephone and data.

Progress was being made

In 1989, at 20 years old, I was managing a team of electricians. We were installing, connecting and testing one of Australia’s very first fibre optic projects for the electronics company, Honeywell.

After installing and maintaining almost everything connected to cabling except 240V electrical work, I needed to go backwards to go forward and started my electrical apprenticeship.

I finished my trade certificate and In 1995 and went into business for myself trading as Lightning Bult Electrical.

Where we’re at now

Since then we’ve completed thousands of projects, had periods of large turnover with lots of staff, lots of headaches and made lots of mistakes too.

One of the benefits of experience are the lessons you learn along the way. One of the most important ones being, that people just want a reliable service! Someone that turns up on time, charges a fair rate and cleans up after themselves.

Lightning Bult does exactly that. We service homes and business right across Sydney. From the Inner West, CBD, North Shore and Northern Beaches. If you’re looking for a reliable tradesman, take a look at our customer referral videos.

Our previous customers are happy, and you will be too if you choose Lightning Bult Electrical, Plumbing and Air Con.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Rob Bult

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