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Pool heating = winning!

Living in Sydney, we’re blessed with a lovely climate for most of the year. Even in the winter months, although temperatures can get down to single figures, it’s still pleasant.

Of course, as it get’s colder we don’t tend to navigate towards water activities as much as we do in the summer, but is that because we don’t enjoy it, or because we just don’t want to brave the cold?

Pool heating offers you the ability to take advantage of the lovely Sydney climate all year round while utilising your pool, and or spa.

I mean, what’s the point in having an amazing pool, that you only use for 7, or 8 months of the year? By heating your pool, you can use it around the clock and the best part is, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Why pool heating? And who it’s for.

If you’re honest, very rarely do we go for a swim and not enjoy it.

Sure it might be fresh at first, however it makes you feel alive. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and diving into a pool to kickstart your day. You can’t help but feel invigorated.

If you’re one of those families, then don’t let a change of climate prevent you from having that feeling. You worked hard to afford a pool, so ENJOY IT!

A heated pool, not only gives you the perfect start to the day, it also gets you out of the house and away from phones, tablets and television. In a society that is so caught up in technology and devices, swimming pools offer you and your kids an escape.

Put the phones down for an hour and play in the heated pool! What sounds better than that?

Some of the reasons you would consider heating your pool.

  • It gets you and the family outside
  • It gets you away from devices and technology
  • It’s a fun bonding experience
  • It’s invigorating and refreshing
  • It utilises the pool that would otherwise sit there, not being used
  • You can entertain year round if your pool is heated
  • Swimming is a great source of fitness…year round

Types of pool heating

There are many ways to heat a pool and at Lightning Bult Electrical, Plumbing & AC, we take great pride in making sure that the solution we offer you is best suited to your home.

Of course, some types of pool heating are better suited than others, so it’s paramount that when you look at heating sources, you’re dealing with a company that is up-to-speed with the latest and greatest technology.

Some of the different types of pool heating that Lightning Bult Electrical, Plumbing & AC commonly work with are:

  • Solar
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Hydronic
  • Heat Pump

Many of these sources also work well in a combination. For example, you can heat your pool using a solar heating system that has a gas backup. This is for days that are overcast or perhaps evenings.

There are many other types of combinations that can be used, which is why once again, it’s imperative that you deal with an expert.

Lightning Bult’s pool heating process

Once a decision has been made on what the best pool heating solution is going to be for your pool, that’s when we get down to the nitty-gritty.

Over the years, Lightning Bult Electrical, Plumbing & AC have had the privilege of heating loads of pools, right across Sydney’s Northern Beaches and the North Shore.

Though doing this, we have refined a process that is both streamlined and economical. It looks something like this.

  1. Research – Make sure the right solution has been recommended.
  2. Strategy – Have a clearly defined roadmap for not only the installation process but also the future.
  3. Installation – Our experts will install your pool heating system.
  4. Certification – Our technicians will test and certify your pool heating.
  5. Guarantee – Of course, we offer a guarantee on all of our workmanship.
  6. Upkeep – We offer maintenance, servicing and upkeep of all of our heating installations to prolonge the life of your pool heating service.
  7. Support – Our team is there to help whenever you need it.

If you want to take advantage of your swimming pool year-round, give Lightning Bult a call and book in a consultation. Our team of experts are here to help you make the right decision.

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