Power Points & USB Power Points

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WIs it time to upgrade your power points?

How annoying is it what you need to plug in a device to charge it up and the power supply is on the other side of the room?

With basically everything we use today running on electricity, it’s common sense to have enough power points available to not be an inconvenience.

We depend on electricity. It runs our appliances, it heats our homes, it charges our gadget pretty soon, it will be common practice to run our cars.

Of course with so many different needs for electricity, there is also different power point to suit. We’re not just talking about colours and sizes either.

For example, now you can get power points that enable you to charge your devices through USB ports that are part of the wall mounted unit.

You can literally plug your phone into the power point using the cable you normally plug into your computer. Of course, that’s a great advantage at home, however imagine how handy that would be at your office!

It would mean that all of your power points would be left for things that actually need them, not charging phones.

If you have faulty power points that need replacing, or if you’re looking to instal some new power points on your property, Lightning Bult Electrical and Plumbing are a one-stop shop.

We’ll help you choose the right product for the right location and of course we’ll install it as part of the friendly service.

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